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Providing Software-defined Storage
and Application Resiliency

Information is the lifeblood of your business and mission-critical applications that process that information key to your success. Veritas storage and resiliency solutions run on mission critical applications to manage and protect the applications and information of 74% of the Fortune 100.

Veritas™ InfoScale addresses enterprise storage management and IT service continuity needs. It draws on Veritas’ long heritage of world-class storage management and availability solutions to help IT teams realize reliable, predictable and high performing operations across their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. It incorporates the technologies underlying the Storage Foundation High Availability family and provides software-defined storage and resiliency for critical services across the data center infrastructure. Realize better ROI and unlock high performance by integrating next-generation storage technologies. The solution provides high availability and disaster recovery for complex multi-tiered applications across any distance.

Veritas InfoScale Storage

Veritas InfoScale Storage maximizes storage efficiency, data availability, operating system agility, and performance across heterogeneous server and storage environments. InfoScale Storage enables IT organizations to manage their storage infrastructures in a centralized fashion. Advanced features include Flexible Storage Sharing, SmartIO, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, deduplication, compression, thin reclamation, storage tiering, online configuration and administration, data migration, local and remote replication, and Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (an easy-to-use centralized management console). InfoScale Storage enables organizations to adopt the most cost effective and performant storage technologies while providing applications the required QoS and maintaining a degree of storage vendor independence.

Veritas InfoScale Availability

InfoScale Availability gives IT organizations a single solution for maintaining IT business continuity across multi-platform, physical and virtual environments. Critical business applications including complex, multi-tier applications are ensured of maximum uptime using a software-defined approach and business resiliency is maintained in a local data center environment, across a metro region or even across continents.

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise

Veritas™ InfoScale Enterprise provides extensive IT service continuity and storage management functionality. It includes the capabilities of InfoScale Storage and InfoScale Availability along with specific high availability support for leading databases such as Oracle and Sybase.

Veritas InfoScale Foundation

Specifically designed for edge-tier, departmental, and test/development systems. InfoScale Foundation delivers a complete software solution for heterogeneous online storage management while increasing storage utilization and enhancing storage I/O path performance and availability. Through its support for more than 1,000 different storage array models from all of the leading vendors, InfoScale Foundation provides the flexibility and cost advantages of selecting from among the various storage vendor and technology choices.

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager

Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager is a role based, graphical management framework that not only provides an easy to use interface for the core InfoScale products but also adds value to the offerings. It provides centralized visibility and control and comprehensive reports covering availability, servers, storage and deployed InfoScale licenses. Automation enables fast recovery through capture of run book steps and support for custom scripts. A web API facilitates third party integrations. Taken together, InfoScale Operations Manager helps mitigate risks and optimize operations through troubleshooting and central control.
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