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We bet you’re asking these questions a lot.

The problem is, the answers are getting buried deeper.

You have been passive when it comes to managing your information. It has been easy to throw more storage at the amount of data you create. It has been easy to spin up new applications to share that data and to house it. It has been easy to let the exponential growth in data forge its own course. But do you really know what’s out there? What happens when that information empire is put at risk – when valuable data is lost, when legal fees are wasted on the wrong data and when private data is exposed.

Passive information management will destroy the empire you have built. It’s time to go on the offensive. It’s time to gain visibility into what data you own and take action to get your environment under control.

Let the Veritas Information Map give you a chance to play the game again – this time with a stacked deck.

Explore the interactive demo of Veritas™ Information Map

Veritas Information Map

dynamic perspective | unbiased decisions

The Information Map renders your unstructured data in visual context and guides users
towards unbiased, information-governance decision making.

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Collect Metadata Efficiently

Veritas NetBackup collects metadata as part of its daily backup job, building a rich catalogue of the unstructured data an organization owns. The Information Map uses it as a proxy, reusing the source information NetBackup has already captured. By collecting data this way we can access up-to-date information about large storage environments very quickly.


Are you a
NetBackup customer?
You need to be to use the Information Map. Check out what’s new in NetBackup 7.7

Store Data in a Secure and
Scalable Cloud Platform

The Information Map is delivered as a cloud service, built in the Veritas cloud environment and architected on the Veritas Information Fabric Technology. The Information Fabric Technology is what aggregates and stores all of your metadata and it is capable of scaling to 100’s of billions of items. When storing your data we take information security very seriously.

What does Veritas do to protect my company’s data?

We store your file data using 128-bit AES encryption and use an TLS secure tunnel to transfer data between you and us. You can securely access Information Map any time from the web.

How does Veritas protect my company’s privacy?

We work hard to protect your information from unauthorized access and have designed policies and controls to safeguard the collection, use, and access to your information.

What can I do to protect my company’s accounts?

Use a strong password that you don't use for any other service. Monitor and control your accounts by reviewing your user activity.


Read about the Information Fabric Technology:

Display Your Data Beautifully

The Information Map renders your unstructured data in visual context. The display is designed and optimized for traditional desktops and laptops as well as tablets and touch-enabled computers. The different tiles of information are malleable, allowing you to adjust the dashboard view to your preference.


Explore the interactive demo and see for yourself.

Act Decisively to Save on
Storage Costs and Reduce
Information Risk

All filtering activities in the Information Map are optimized for real-time interaction so you can quickly identify areas of risk, areas of value and areas of waste across your storage environment. In leveraging these interactive and visual insights into your environment, you now can pursue a number of business use cases with better intelligence about what you own.

  • Intelligent storage use-cases like decommissioning servers and shares with little activity on them or addressing stale data through the identification of information which is old or no longer in use.
  • Retention management use-cases like identifying PSTs for migration or non-business data for deletion.
  • Legal and Compliance use-cases like focusing eDiscovery collections on particular custodian datasets, or prioritizing high activity shares for extra protection.


Explore the interactive demo and see for yourself.
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