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NetBackup 7.7

A single solution for the entire enterprise, available on a converged platform, and requires minimal administration even in the largest, most dynamic environments.

Simplify Data Center Complexity

NetBackup has long been the trusted choice by enterprises to reduce complexity and make data protection manageable.
Reduce or eliminate point products - with a single, fully integrated solution that supports vSphere 6, Virtual Volumes, expanded snapshot technology, and even more cloud providers.
Modernize your infrastructure - with a converged hardware and software platform featuring the NetBackup 5330 Appliance. With 5330 Appliance, you’ll simplify integration, test, and maintenance work, and your entire system is managed as a single component.
Improve productivity - with efficient, centralized administration and policy-based automation including intelligent policies for Microsoft Hyper-V and SQL servers.

Manage Relentless Data Growth

NetBackup outpaces relentless data center growth with innovative performance technologies, efficient storage techniques, and fast, easy data recovery.
Protect data without disrupting your business - within allowable backup windows through NetApp cDOT support.
Mitigate infrastructure costs - with storage tiering, intelligent deduplication, and other efficiencies.
Get fast, easy access - to extremely large volumes of data. Quickly search through backup data and initiate restore operations with fully indexed backups.

Transform IT to Business Enabler

As IT transforms from cost center to business enabler, NetBackup is engineered to solve the diverse challenges of today and tomorrow.
Safely expand into public clouds - with an improved S3 cloud connector that supports faster connections, cost efficiencies, and operational agility.
Improve quality of service - for both IT and non-IT users, with NetBackup Self Service for independently managing and controlling specific aspects of backup and recovery.
Provide Greater Insight - of the information landscape with Veritas Information Map. NetBackup’s integration with Veritas Information Map gives you a high level view of information throughout your organization for better, faster decision making.
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